How Apple With Facebook Time and Apple News

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With a new editorial section within Apple News, Apple aims to provide a reliable source of information for Midterm Elections in early November 2018. An editorial team at Apple will keep up-to-date with news, reports and analysis select from reliable source and present in the app. Although Apple News for the US 2018 Midterm Elections will be available exclusively in the US, the format is still exciting in terms of content because Apple relies on people and employees, where Facebook relies on algorithms and automatic selection.

Talking to Fortune, Tim Cook defends Apple’s position, with which Apple deliberately and explicitly distinguishes itself from Facebook. The news business was about to go crazy, Tim Cook said Monday night. Top stories belong in the responsible hands of people, to make sure that the users do not get to see contents, which only have the goal to anger people.

According to the New York Times, a meeting between representatives of US services such as the Department of Homeland Security and representatives of the tech industry from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft will be held on May 23 at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park , Oath, Snap and Twitter and of course the host Facebook. The topic: How can the midterm elections be protected from fake news and interference by foreign powers in autumn 2018?

Meanwhile, Facebook is looking for a “News Credibility Specialist” to rewrite the profession of the editor and uphold the predefined by Zuckerberg mantra of the engineering company. If the social media giant is classified as a media company, Facebook threatens the usual journalistic regulations, which, among other things, take the publisher into account and also include the right to a counter-representation.

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