After recent rumors have revealed that Apple is preparing several iPhones inspired by iPhone X, it's only a matter of time before the clues left by the emergence of new miniaturized technologies and components will outline an approximate picture of Apple's upgrades at design part

Thus, the emergence of a new camera module that integrates Face ID functionality, provided with a separate sensor to the current model, would significantly reduce the "bang" cut out on the iPhone X phones.

Another improvement is to optimize the construction of the screen, making it possible to accommodate a narrower casing than the current model. Finally, Apple could move on to a design that extends the OLED screen beyond the edges of the casing, opening new possibilities for displaying notification and interaction messages with the iOS interface

So far, the next iPhone X seems to be an optimized version of the current model, which slightly reduces the size of the case without shrinking the screen surface. At the same time, the miniaturization and merging of some components leaves more flexibility for lowering manufacturing costs, a necessary step to bring the iPhone X in the price range currently occupied by iPhone 8.

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