Actress Angel Giuffria encountered an unusual situation at the SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas, after attempting to charge a battery of his bionic arm to one of the sockets in the enclosure, Gândul conveys

Several phone users did not give up the sockets, even though they saw the woman without arms need help. At the same time, some of them believed that the bionic hand of the youngster is a props object, writes

Eventually, the actress found a power supply and loaded the bionic arm, so necessary in her condition. She said she has no resentment to those who did not offer it, preferring to continue charging their smartphones.

"Phones are very important to people today, and I thought my story was underlining this aspect," said Angel Giuffria.

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Angel was born without a hand and tried numerous prostheses from the age of six. Eventually he chose a futuristic bionic arm that has all the functions of a normal hand, but must be plugged in as any gadget.

Giuffria followed a career in acting and inspired other people with disabilities.

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