How do you change your Facebook settings to prevent your information from being used without your consent from companies such as Cambridge Analytics


The data of tens of millions of Facebook users were collected without their consent and used during the US election campaign, but also in the pro-BREXIT campaign. These were collected and processed by a company called Cambridge Analytics. To prevent this situation, users can modify some social network settings

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a guide through which users can completely prevent the Facebook API from sharing this data. The bad thing is that by changing these settings, people will no longer be able to authenticate themselves with Facebook data in other applications and services (Instagram, Flipboard, etc.) that they have registered with. Those who want to do this need to go to Settings / Settings then select Apps / Apps .

From there go to the Apps, Websites and Plugins and select Disable Platform

People on Facebook who can see your information can download them when they use apps. If you do not want to completely disable the Apps, Websites and Plugins feature, you can limit the amount of information that you can access

To do this, select Apps other use and uncheck the boxes with information that you do not want to be available for other applications. Our recommendation is to clear them all.

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