How does Facebook's new AR technology ads look and work

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Facebook has made advertisers a new option for AR ads that use augmented reality technology to give prospective buyers the opportunity to "probe" the products they might be interested in.

Following the announcement made at this year's F8 conference, Facebook offered companies access to AR technologies to promote products in the Messenger service. The plan is now expanded to Facebook News News, and the social network is starting to deliver AR ads belonging to a small group of advertising companies.

Appearing as regular ads in News Feed, AR ads include an additional "tap to try on" button that enables augmented reality capabilities. Specifically, if we interact with such an advertisement, the camera of the mobile phone is activated, overlapping the promoted object either over the background of the room, or suitably on the user's face. Working like a virtual test booth, AR advertising allows you to "probe" the desired product before buying it

Companies interested in using the new AR promotion option also have a Video Creation Kit that assists in embedding product images into a mobile AR template. According to statistics published by a company specializing in loose products, AR commercials are up to 77% more efficient than classic ones. Of course, the results may vary considerably depending on the category of product chosen for promotion.

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