How much could a Facebook experience without advertising, if there was a monthly subscription option

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Mark Zuckerberg has not excluded the possibility to offer users the option of a Facebook-free experience and the step-by-step pursuit of online activities by paying a monthly subscription.

According to Facebook's CEO, the reason why the social network does not already offer a premium subscription is that most people prefer Facebook as a free service supported by displaying advertisements, many users not having the necessary financial resources to pay a "premium" subscription ". But the explanation also raises a question: What would the cost of such an experience really be?

If we limit ourselves to North America, Facebook revenue reported to the total number of users indicates the amount of $ 7 the average monthly revenue earned by each user by displaying advertisements. The problem is that not all users are equal from the point of view of advertisers, willing to opt for a subscription to the most profitable category of people with good financial status who are buying the advertised products and services. For full income reimbursement, these "rich" users should be charged between $ 11 and $ 14 which would drastically reduce the number of those who are interested in the premium Facebook subscription

In practice, Facebook could take a lesson from Apple's rival, which offers free access to iCloud's basic version, but consistently charges additional storage space. In addition to the lack of advertising, a premium Facebook subscription may also offer additional features such as statistics about profile page views, emoji packs, or other benefits

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