How much could Galaxy X cost, the first Samsung smartphone with foldable screen


Galaxy X will be, according to rumors, the world's first folding screen smartphone, Samsung trying to dictate a new trend for the entire smartphone industry

According to estimates made by South Korean analysts, the Galaxy X will also be remarked by a less-desired "performance", entering the short list of the most expensive Samsung phones ever launched. The exorbitant price is however justified by the positioning of Galaxy X as a luxury product offered in limited series. Unofficially, limiting production volume could be a consequence of Samsung's unimaginable risks by launching a product that integrates so many technologies tested so far under laboratory conditions

Selected to cover the high manufacturing costs and the prospect of an overpricing rate of defects, the $ 1850 price will also temper buyers' appetite for the new gadget, Galaxy X being a difficult product to deliver in large series. In the first stage, Samsung will certainly have some problems that may not have been highlighted during the internal tests, focusing both on technical aspects and on the details of manufacturing the device.

From the few available information, we find that Galaxy X will have two ways to use it. Users will be able to choose one-handed use with the folded screen and approximately 4.5 "display area. Instead, expanded mode takes the useful screen surface to 7.3 ", comparable to a small tablet.

If there are no major issues and the reaction of the first Galaxy Xi handsets is favorable, Samsung could diversify the offer of foldable phones in the second part of next year. For the time being, sources from Samsung's suppliers have revealed that the first Galaxy X component deliveries will not begin earlier than November. It takes a lot of time to assemble and accumulate enough stock, and we are unlikely to see the new Galaxy X in store offerings early next year

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