How much does it cost to make a Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X


Undoubtedly, the Galaxy S9 Plus and the iPhone X are mobile phones with exorbitant retail prices. But how much does it cost to manufacture and what profit margin is left to each manufacturer?

Without taking into account the hidden costs associated with designing, the Galaxy S9 Plus and the iPhone X are at a surprisingly near cost in terms of manufacturing costs, even if the reasons are different. For example, Apple places more emphasis on exterior design, and Samsung has allocated a more generous budget to essential electronic components such as screen and camera. But at the end, the price difference between the two is only $ 10.

As for the Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung pays for its $ 379 manufacturing, the amount reflecting the cost of the assembly work and the components used. Compared to a retail price of $ 839.99, the estimated earnings margin of $ 460.99 may seem very high, but we must not forget that this is a huge amount of other costs related to transport, promotion and advertising campaigns.

With the $ 999 retail package, the iPhone X is considerably more expensive than the Samsung range, but only due to the estimated $ 609.5 profit margin. Otherwise, at a cost of manufacturing estimated at $ 389.5, the iPhone X is almost equivalent to the Galaxy S9 Plus, even though for different reasons.

For example, Apple paid more for electronics-free finishes and details, but saved it by installing less RAM and making its own chipset. Instead, the variable aperture camera offered on S9 Plus phones proved to be more expensive, as did dual-rate RAM

Compared with previous generation models, both the Galaxy S9 Plus and the iPhone X are considerably more expensive to manufacture, but not enough to justify the final sale price

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