How much does it cost to make an iPhone 9 and what is the ultimate store price

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iPhone 9 and the rest of iPhone 2018 offerings are already in production, Apple setting the latest price details and release date

After an under-expected sales run with the first-generation iPhone X, Apple can not afford the iPhone 2018 to be a semi-failure. The company has made considerable efforts to expand iPhone-X high-end pioneering products and the rest of the iPhone models, with direct consequences on manufacturing costs and end-user price

Equipped with Face ID and True Depth Sensors with Laser Technology for 3D Face Detection, iPhone 9 is a costly product device, the price of components and assembly workmanship reaching 275 USD . The cost will be felt in the shelf price, expected to reach $ 799 per retail package .

For the manufacture of the three models this year – iPhone X 2018 with OLED screen of 5.8 ", iPhone 9 with 6.1" LCD screen and iPhone X Plus 6.5-inch OLED screen, Apple is turning to China's partner plants, Hon Hai Precision Group (Foxconn) and Pegatron. According to estimates made by Arthur Liao, an analyst at Fubon Securities, Apple will order a total of 83 million units of the new iPhone series

Despite the high price, iPhone 9 is not even a compromise solution, with Apple dropping out some equipment that would cut the profit margin. For example, the increased cost of the large diagonal screen is offset by giving up the 3D Touch functionality, and Apple saves $ 10 for each iPhone 9 made. Another compromise is the camera, which is cheaper by about $ 15 than the one delivered on the iPhone 9 Plus. It remains to be seen how Apple will motivate buyers to choose a more expensive iPhone 9, but equipped with a camera that is inferior to other iPhone models in the range

The strategy could be explained by the fact that most buyers of iPhone phones choose their dream gadget from mobile operators' offers, considering only the monthly amount paid on the purchased subscription. Less aware of the bumpy retail price, buyers choose to choose their mobile phone strictly according to specifications and personal preferences, expensive models such as iPhone X and iPhone 9 Plus becoming favorites

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