How Strong is Vivo NEX S, the most advanced chinese smartphone of the moment, compared to other top models


Part of a separate niche of products that tend to totally eliminate the frame around the screen, Vivo NEX S also draws attention to other features not seen in competing products

We are talking, of course, about the front chamber that rises from the side of the car with an electric motor, but the innovations of the Vivo go further than that. NEX S is also noted by the way the sound normally played by the audio head is propagated directly through the screen glass, thanks to a piezoelectric inductor that turns the entire surface of the case into a speaker.

Another interesting feature is the fingerprint sensor, without sticking to it. Covering a larger surface than conventional solutions, it can retrieve fingerprints even if the screen is dirty or scratched. Very important: the presence of the fingerprint sensor does not affect the appearance of the image.

Supplied with pre-applied plastic foil on both the screen and the back of the case, Vivo NEX S induces a certain sense of insecurity. Fortunately, the glass used resists scratches up to level 6 on the Mohs scale, corresponding to medium-level protection, similar to that offered on the iPhone 8. So some precautions are required when going to the beach, contact with the abrasive sand particles can leave scratches

Protected with glass, the lens of the front camera should not accumulate scratches, the hardness of this material being superior to the aluminum chassis of the casing. But in the case of the penetration of fine sand particles, the situation could change.

And the glass pane on the back of the casing offers reasonable protection against scratches, but the main benefit is the much improved structural strength, the chances of Vivo NEX S being accidentally bent on wearing pockets with virtually null pockets

As for the risk of cracking glass surfaces as a result of asphalt falls, the design of the Vivo NEX S provides a metallic chassis that absorbs shocks from the side. However, even if the screen glass or that applied on the back cover does not crack, the deep scratches and damage to the exterior paint layer are virtually guaranteed.

Without protection against water penetration, Vivo NEX S should also be protected from dust, which can penetrate into the area of ​​the front camera and the headphone connector, and the purchase of a protective case is absolutely necessary in the present case

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