How to Change the Name of Your Mac Computer

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The name plays in everyday life of the Mac computer for many users hardly a role. On the other hand, it is different when you use it professionally and rely on features such as AirDrop, network shares, Find my Mac and others. For example, to be able to differentiate several devices in a network, different names are advisable. However, Apple is hiding the function of changing the computer name in an unusual place that we would like to show you in this guide.

How to Change the Name of Your Mac

Click on the menu bar at the top of the screen on the Apple logo, then select “System Preferences.” Once there, click on the entry “Approvals”. At the top you will see the device name of your Mac.

By default, this is based on your name, which you specified during the initial setup. For example, it may be “Benjamin’s iMac” or “Stefan’s MacBook.” Now set a new name to help you easily associate your device. This can be the location, the color or some other identifying feature. You can also undo your designation at a later date or give it a new name.

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