How to Restore Images – Backup, Storage, Chat History / Deleted from WhatsApp

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How to Restore Images – Backup, Storage, Chat History / Deleted from WhatsApp, All about recovering images with WhatsApp from the backup, the memory and even if the chat history or pictures have been deleted from the device! The instructions apply to both Android and iOS, although not all variants are available on the iPhone! Below we have listed various options and alternatives, if you have deleted the pictures from the chat and still want to access it again. The same applies of course to the chat messages.

WhatsApp: How to Restore the Pictures

There are several ways to restore the pictures from chat even if they have been deleted from the device. Depending on what happened to you, you can still restore your pictures. The table below shows you what you can do on which occasion. Please note that it is not always possible to restore the images once they have been completely erased by the device.

Quick overview of the possibilities

Note : If your problem is not listed in the table, just leave a comment!

Occasion How to get here Chat / Pictures Possibility
My smartphone is broken / lost / no longer there Only via a cloud backup # 4
I have emptied the chat history and did NOT activate the check mark “Remove media from phone” The pictures are on your device – Alternatively you can also backup # 1
I have the Cha emptied the course and activated the check mark “delete media from phone” – I noticed immediately A local backup is the solution # 2 / # 4
I have emptied the chat history and activated the check mark “Delete media from phone” – it was not noticed until days later A local backup is the solution # 3 / # 4
I’ve cleared the chat history, and checked the box next to “Delete media from phone” – there’s no backup Find deleted files or resend image # 5 / # 6

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” Are you on the hook? ” Delete media from device “when you clear the chat history, the images are also away from your device

Option 1: Find the images on your smartphone

The pictures are still on your smartphone? This is the case if you selected “Do you really want to delete the messages in this chat?” Uncheck “Delete media from phone”. How to find the pictures:

  1. Go to the Android store
  2. Open the folder “WhatsApp” -> “Media” and here you will find among other things “WhatsApp Images”. It contains all the pictures you have received!

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Find all images from WhatsApp you in memory (here on Android)

Option 2: Import last local backup

It is necessary to install a local backup if you have the point when chatting “Do you really want to delete the messages in this chat?”, Leaving the check mark “Delete media from phone” checked by default. In that case, the pictures are deleted from the smartphone. One solution is to play the local backup. This will (if you have not disabled it) created daily shortly after 2 o’clock in the morning. Meaning: If the image was created between the last backup and now, the solution will not help you. If you got the picture earlier (no matter if it’s 1 day / 7 days or 28 days before), then you can import it with the last local backup. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, check if there is any backup you can restore (see “Check Last Backup of WhatsApp”)
  2. To backup, you have to Delete WhatsApp (tip: backup from WhatsApp backups)
  3. After that, re-install WhatsApp, you’ll need to re-enter your phone number in the first step
  4. Now he’ll ask you, should he discover the backup, if you want to import this. NOTE: It always takes the latest backup. Do you want an older backup, see “Option 3”
  5. Now the chats are back from the state of the backup. Although the backup does not contain any images, the images are displayed pixelated and with a bit of luck you can tap and reload!

Option 3: Import older backup from WhatsApp

If you noticed only days later that you had emptied a chat history and there was still the picture or the message, then you can also import an older backup of WhatsApp. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not offer that option to you. But there is a “trick” in that by simply deleting the newer backups.

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In the store you can see older backups of WhatsApp

Why and when is this possible? By default, WhatsApp will back up at 2am. It also retains the backups of the previous day, but a maximum of one week. That means: If you notice within 6 days, then you can import the local backup with an older date. And so you go ahead:

  1. First create a backup of WhatsApp’s backups
  2. Stay right in the folder (Android storage -> WhatsApp) and tap on “Databases”. Here you see all the local backups
  3. Just delete the latest backups there until the day you want
  4. Now continue as in option 2 from step 2 (reinstall WhatsApp)
  5. If you can now import the local backup, you can see from the date that it is older. Already your chats are from the state of the backup and if the chat with the pictures is still there at this time, you can also download the picture here again with a little luck (as I said backups do not contain the pictures for themselves)

Option 4: Use cloud backup

Similar to option 2, you do the same. If he asks you about the backup, you simply use the cloud backup instead of the local one. It’s important that you use the same Google Drive account as before so he can search it.

Option 5: Find Deleted Files

Android has data recovery App Recuva, with which deleted files can be found with a lot of luck. But do not worry too much and you’ll have to do it immediately after the image has been deleted from your smartphone.

Option 6: Resend the image

Via WhatsApp or on your smartphone you will probably not find the picture again. It only helps if the person from whom you had the picture sends it to you again.

General Instructions

Get Android Memory

Back up the WhatsApp backups

Go to Android’s memory store (see above). In it you go now on WhatsApp and find the folder “Databases”. Keep this folder pressed and different options appear at the top (maybe just tap the three black dots) and there will be a copy. Now you have to select the folder where it should be copied. It’s best to use the internal directory as the top directory, or put it in the cloud.

Check Last WhatsApp Backup

From WhatsApp, on the top right, go to the top three white dots and from there on “Settings” -> “Chats” -> “Chat Backup”. At the top you will find “Last Backup”. There is the point locally, which theoretically should be shortly after 2 o’clock at night. If you have a cloud backup, for example from Google Drive, this is also the last time you saved the backup to the cloud.

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First check when the last local backup or cloud backup has been created

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