How well does the Galaxy S9 withstand resistance abuse [VIDEO]

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The Galaxy S9 is officially launched at the end of this week, but those who pre-ordered the first phone already have the phone in hand. Since we are talking about a very expensive model and a fragile theory, many would be interested in finding out how robust the new Samsung flagship is in the abuse it could get in daily use but also in extraordinary cases. Fortunately, we already have a clip in which the new S9 is "tormented," and the results are not surprising.

The JerryRigEverything Channel is once again among the first in the world to offer an endurance test of a new phone. The Galaxy S9 does not look very different from the previous model on the outside, but Samsung has made some significant improvements that provide better shock resistance and everyday use. The metal frame is now made of a stronger aluminum, which is why the phone does not bend just as easily. This material, along with the slightly thicker glass panels, adds a few more grams to S9 than S8

The display of the Galaxy S9, already designated by DisplayMate as the best on the market, is also the first OLED to recover from the high temperature resistance test. There is not much to say about this model, as the rest of the components are comparable to competition. The glass scratches as easily as before, the fingerprint sensor is also easy to scratch, and in the case of a ground impact, the phone may not remain intact.

But we are waiting for end-of-shooter clips to see what kind of abuse the S9 can endure in such situations, but being a great deal made of glass, probably covering it with a protective case is an idea good.

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