HP recalls some PCs for fire risk



                                                     HP recalls some PCs for fire risk


It's heating up at HP! The company announced Thursday, Jan. 4 the opening of a recall program for some laptops and workstations. The devices, sold between December 2015 and December 2017, are equipped with defective batteries presenting risks of overheating, even fire and burns for users. 8 cases, some of which have resulted in minor injuries or property damage, have been reported for the moment. Here is the complete list of models concerned:

  • HP Probook 640 G2
  • HP ProBook 645 G2
  • HP ProBook 655 G2
  • HP ProBook 650 G2
  • HP ProBook 655 G3
  • HP ProBook 650 G3
  • HP ProBook 645 G3
  • HP ProBook 640 G3
  • HP ZBook 17 G3
  • HP ZBook 17 G4
  • HP ZBook Studio G3
  • HP ZBook Studio G4 (This PC is not equipped with defective batteries but it is compatible with them, so be careful if you use a replacement battery)
  • HP x360 310 G2
  • HP Pavilion x360
  • HP ENVY m6
  • HP 11 Notebook PC

The machines must be returned to HP so that the firm can replace the defective batteries (the approach is free). Note that it is important to first check that your PC is affected by the problem by running a small program put online by HP (which you can download by clicking here), since only certain units are affected.

If this is the case with your computer, the company advises you to update its BIOS and immediately activate the "Battery Safety Mode" (at startup) to avoid any risk of fire. 50,000 units would be affected in the United States, plus 2,600 in Canada. We still do not know if some defective units were sold in France but we contacted HP about this and will update this article when we get an answer.



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