HTC announces Vive Pro, a premium VR headset that improves all the features of the original


HTC has announced the next generation of its virtual reality headset. This is called Vive Pro and is a significant upgrade both in terms of performance and in terms of ergonomics and capabilities included in the package. Every element of the device has been improved, and with this announcement comes the news that both the original and Vive Pro will be wirelessly used using the new Vive Wireless Adapter sold separately

Vive Pro keeps the original design of the original model, but now comes in a blue casing with a more ergonomic headband. It features a rear adjustment wheel that fits the headset much better. Also, users can now enjoy quality sound without having to put their money on separate headphones as they are included in the package and integrated into Vive Pro's gripping system, powered by a quality digital amplifier. Last but not least, the entire device was better designed, the center of gravity being somewhere in the middle, so as not to strain the user as much.

Of course, all of these improvements are strictly comforting, but HTC also boasts high performance versus the original. The displays have been improved, displaying 1440 x 1600 pixels on each eye (2880 x 1600 pixels overall resolution), 78% higher than the original model, and the lens should offer a better user experience . Increased resolution should be particularly evident in video games, and the text will be easier to read.

Vive Pro will be compatible with the entire Vive ecosystem, and accessories already released can be used between devices (motion sensors, controllers, software, etc.). That's why the Vive Wireless Adapter will be compatible with both the old HTC Vive and the new Vive Pro. It is sold separately and uses Intel's WiGig wireless technology to provide a 60 GHz bandwidth connection that provides low lightening. This accessory will be launched sometime in the third quarter of the year.

HTC has not yet announced prices for its new VR products, but considering the technical specifications, it probably will not be cheap. Vive Pro will be available in both a complete package that includes controllers and sensors as well as separately for those who want to upgrade from the original Vive

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