HTC Exodus, smartphone with embedded electronic wallet, arrives in autumn


I came a little late at the "party" of the crypto-coin enthusiasts, HTC will launch a smartphone that integrates a "virtual wallet" based on blockchain technology.

Described as the first smartphone equipped with a "cold wallet" to store virtual coins and electronic recovery key, HTC Exodus could be an extremely "precious" accessory in the pocket of those who make transactions with bitcoin, ethereum, or other vitreous environments .

Besides vague descriptions left in the product page created on the HTC website, there is not much information about the new gadget. But as it is a product that integrates blockchain technology, we can be sure that it will have some exclusive features, making it easy to store encrypted electronic wallet coins

It has to be said that by the way technology works, a wallet for virtual coins can not be lost or stolen in the traditional sense. Protected with password and encryption key, it is useless in the hands of a mobile phone thief if the access password is not disclosed separately. Additionally, as long as there is a backup, or one of the alternative recovery methods is used, virtual money is not really lost. Most often, crypt-coin thefts produce online when participants validate the transaction by simultaneously providing the password and the cryptographic key of the electronic wallet, or if the funds are stolen from the wallet currency exchange wallet.

Easy to guess, a PC's hard drive is not the safest place to keep a virtual coin wallet, a hacker or malware specially designed to quickly evade the extremely valuable file. Also with a malware application or phishing attack, the password can be obtained even as it is typed by the user. Operating as an "offline" wallet, HTC Exodus also behaves like a bank card while safely holding the funds held, at least until the next transaction is validated.

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