HTC's biggest fall in revenue over the past two years

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Last week's news about the dismissal of a quarter of HTC's workforce suggests that the Taiwanese mobile device manufacturer is going through a very tough time, but now we also have information about its device sales, which are not at all impressive. The HTC U12 + does not seem to have had the desired impact, being one of the company's weakest devices in recent years

In June, when HTC launched the HTC U12 +, the company recorded $ 2.2 billion in Taiwan revenue after gaining 6.9 billion in May. This decline is a consequence of the decline in smartphone sales and is the largest decline since 2016 to date. According to industry analysts, the reason for this decline is the lack of vision of the company, its high-end models being eclipsed by more popular models from Apple and Samsung, while the mid-range models do not come with significant improvements to justify the price in comparison with competition

After the dismissal of 1,500 employees HTC smartphone production is now estimated at around 2 million for the full year 2018, a very small figure compared to other companies in the industry. For example, OnePlus, a relatively new manufacturer on the market, managed to sell in just 22 days a million units of OnePlus 6, this figure to rise considerably in the coming months

This decline in the number of units produced and sold is incredible since HTC was only 10 years ago in the global smartphone market 10 years ago and was the first company to sell a device equipped with Android operating system in 2008.

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