Huawei could prepare Mate 20 with a "perforated" screen, a more elegant solution to the "bangs" on P20

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2018 seems to be a year of "sacrifice" for smartphone design, as manufacturers still have not found the best way to build a full-screen smartphone on the front. Many have called the "bang", cutting a larger or smaller part of the display at the top, while others have come up with complicated and expensive solutions to hide the front chambers inside the phone. After the P20, Huawei seems to prepare a phone based on a slightly older but effective idea.

Instead of cutting the entire bar of notifications from the top , Huawei plans to "perforate" the screen. A similar idea was passed last year by Essential Phone.

The new Huawei smartphone with a "perforated" screen could be launched in the second quarter of the year, in the fourth quarter of 2018, but apart from the diagonal display of 6.39 "we do not have any other information about it. It is possible that the phone in question is even Huawei Mate 20, the next top model of the company, which could be equipped with a new generation, stronger and more efficient chipset than the current Kirin 970.

ETNews says the call loudspeaker and the front-end sensors could be integrated into the very thin edge that remains above the display . This seems to be the best compromise so far in terms of design. So you have a "near" complete display that is cut only in a small part of the screen, all sensors integrated on the front and the ability to provide water and dust resistance, what Vivo NEX and OPPO Find X can not offer due to the moving parts

This will certainly not be the last implementation of the "notch" idea, but it could be the most elegant one so far

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