Huawei Mate 10 Pro's resistance rises to price [VIDEO]

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro has managed to impress us last year especially with its premium construction. The sleek design made of two curved glass panels and a metal frame ensure an ergonomic shape, despite the large size of the phone. However, glass phones are not known for their durability, so we were looking forward to an endurance test for this model. It seems Huawei has not made any rebate on the quality of the materials.

JerryRigEverything, the YouTube channel for endurance testing for smartphones and other handheld devices, grabbed a Mate 10 Pro and passed it through the fire test. The results are in line with the expectations for a premium price smartphone, Huawei offering a few things in addition to competition. For example, the display is factory-protected by a plastic film, while a silicone case is included in the phone package.

Glass seems to be made to the same standards as other smartphones, this time also being applied an oleophobic protection layer to protect against fingerprints when removing the plastic foil. The display is of a very high quality, lasting for almost a minute in the open flame before it deteriorates, while the lens of the cameras is protected by high quality glass. Also, the phone structure is very resistant to bending, the phone being able to remain intact at the application of pressure, without disengaging the display or permanent effects

If Mate 10 Pro was on your shopping list, and its resistance over time was the factor that kept you buying it, you now have an extra resource to help you make a decision. However, the phone should still be protected with a shockproof case, as the guaranteed glass will not withstand the impact on the ground.

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