Huawei P20 and P20 Pro give up microSD. Will be delivered in strident colors [FOTO]


I thought I learned all about Huawei P20 and his "brothers" Lite and Pro, but new information suggests that the information presented in the past did not paint a complete picture. A new wave of information offers some higher-resolution images with the new devices, thus presenting the new color shades of the phones, the Pro being really impressive in this chapter. Huawei also seems to give up some of the most appreciated features of Android phones

We start with bad news. The Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, the top models in the series, will give up two features that have made the previous models very attractive. One of these is the headphone jack, which is replaced by the USB Type-C port, a change that I first made to Mate 10 in the Huawei range, but the second one is even more important: the slot for microSD cards. The two models will be delivered in dual-SIM variants, but the second card slot will not be able to use a memory card.

The good news is that the three Huawei P20 devices will look great outside, with the Chinese company preparing some very attractive shades. The P20 Pro will be available in a "degraded" version of the mellow and blue shades that are found in the middle of the device, while the P20 variant will benefit from a degraded pink and gold color. Eventually, the P20 Lite will benefit from a similar chromatic viscosity to that of Honor 8 two years ago.

Those who prefer more "ordinary" colors will still have blue or black patterns, but they are not at all obvious. However, the new images show some minor differences between the three devices. The P20 Lite will be slightly smaller and will have a slightly wider "bang", while the P20 and P20 Pro will benefit from displays measuring approximately 5.84 "diagonally. The resolution for all three models is 2,240 x 1,080 pixels, and the Pro will also benefit from the OLED display. P20 and P20 Lite are delivered with LCD panels

There are two weeks until the Huawei flagship launches, and new details continue to appear. Probably, until the Huawei representatives will climb on stage, we'll have almost all the information about their new devices.

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