Huawei P20, P20 Pro and P20 Lite appear in "official" images [FOTO]

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We still have information about the hardware and capabilities of the new Huawei P20 models, but so far we have not received very clear photos with the devices. Fortunately, Evan Blass does not disappoint, publishing on his Twitter account high resolution press photos with all three P20 models: the standard model, the Pro and the "family" model, the Lite. Of course, the leaks of the past prove to be real, so we have no new surprises, but only clearer pictures

 Huawei P20 "src =" "title =" Huawei P20 "longdesc =" {full_url: ' media / 2/84/2012/17053765/1 / huawei-p20-640.jpg ', height:' 547 ', width:' 640 '} "/> </p>
The first model that can be seen in the pictures is the new P20. It features a screen with a small cut at the top, much smaller than the "bang" on the iPhone X. Here are the front camera, the speakerphone for very small calls, and the proximity sensor and ambient light. Despite Huawei's statements last autumn, it appears that the advanced facial recognition system will not be on the new P20. Below the screen we have a fingerprint sensor, integrated on the single side with a thicker frame, a strange decision for the year 2018. </p>
The back of the P20 seems to be made of glass, the only obvious elements being the lightweight, lightweight camera with two Leica optical sensors and a LED flash. The Power and Volume buttons are still on the right side of the phone. </p>
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 Huawei P20 Lite "src =" "title =" Huawei P20 Lite "longdesc =" {full_url: 'http: //storage0.dms.mpinteractive. ro / media / 2/84/2012/17053765/4 / huawei-p20-lite-640.jpg ', height:' 559 ', width:' 640 '} "/> </p>
The P20 Lite comes with few design differences. If in the past it could be very different both in construction and in size, this time the budget version resembles a bigger "big brother". We have a "bang" screen at the top, a dual-camera system on the back, glass on both sides and a headphone jack at the bottom of the device, something the P20 does not have anymore. The fingerprint sensor is moved to the back and framed in a circle. </p>
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All the attention will be directed to the Huawei P20 Pro, the top device that will integrate a triple-camera system, the first of its kind on a smartphone. From the front, this model looks identical to the standard P20 model, it retains the fingerprint sensor below the display. The back of the glass, however, houses, besides the normal dual-camera system, another separate lens, which is also slightly out of focus. It's not clear what special feature the third room will provide, but given industry trends, it could be related to an advanced portrait mode, better low light performance, and integration with an artificial intelligence algorithm for visual searches, settings better automata for photos, or, why not, augmented reality

The three Huawei P20 models will be officially presented on March 27 at an event to be held in Paris.

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