Huawei phone owners will be able to run Windows 10 on their own dispenser, installing a common Android app

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The ability to run PC applications and benefit from a Windows 10 experience on the mobile phone has also been explored in the past when it became clear that the power of processing a modern smartphone has become big enough for running sophisticated applications

In this case, we are not talking about converting the mobile phone into a pocket PC, but using it as an interface for a fully-equipped Windows 10 version run from a performing server hosted somewhere far. Thus, we can run any applications we want without being constrained by the limited memory and processor resources of the mobile phone

Currently available only in China, the Huawei Cloud service is accessed through an Android app. Similar to a Remote Desktop connection, the service does not involve changes to the firmware present on the mobile phone and has a negligible impact on the memory resources occupied

Even if it can work on the screen of your mobile phone, using nothing other than the touch interface, the poor Windows 10 mobile device optimization makes it virtually for you to connect a keyboard and mouse set. Huawei also includes a specially designed docking station that allows the connection of a monitor and PC peripherals using the USB-C connection of the mobile phone

The company could expand the Huawei Cloud service across Europe by installing servers to make it real-time without losing a connection to a server located on another continent

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