Huawei Reveals When To Release Its First 5G Smartphone

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Despite the fact that technology conventions and technology talks a lot about the new 5G telecom standard, end users have hardly seen this technology in action. If Huawei's plans coincide with those of the entire industry, it seems that next year we will not see new terminals based on this technology on the market. It seems, though, that his first high-speed device capable of wireless data transfer will not be one of the P-range, but a Mate device.

At a Shenzhen summit, a Huawei representative revealed that the company's plan to launch a smartphone equipped with the 5G modem will only be met in the second half of 2019, when many telecom operators in the world and set up networks capable of supporting 5G data traffic

As Huawei launches a new generation of P series flagship devices in the spring, and in the second half of the year, a new generation of Mate devices, which are usually used to present new technologies. In the past few years, Mate devices were the first to receive a new generation of Kirin processors, and probably next year they will be the first to benefit from 5G technology

The benefits of 5G networks are primarily the increased data traffic speed, but they should improve the latency of the connection, providing performance comparable to cable (speeds over 1 Gigabit, latency of milliseconds)

Huawei has just launched the P20 smartphone series earlier this month, which is already available in Romania

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