Huawei Watch 3 will be delayed. The current model is still selling well

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The wearables market seems to have stabilized over the past few years, with effort tracking devices such as intelligent bracelets in the top selling, with attention away from watches dedicated to Android Wear. Huawei, the maker of one of the most exciting smartwatch models, does not seem to rush to bring a new product to the market, but CEO Richard Yu has confirmed that a Huawei Watch 3 will come … sometime

In an interview with TechRadar, Richard Yu has confirmed that Huawei Watch 3 will be launched, but it does not follow the launch cycle of the past. Since Huawei Watch 2 still sells well enough, there is no reason to rush the launch of the third generation. The Watch 1, launched in 2015, proved to be a popular device at the time of launch, while Watch 2 disappointed those who were looking for an upgrade

The problem with intelligent clocks is that there is not much space for evolution. While various new software features could be added to new generations, they could work as well on older devices as long as they are equipped with the necessary hardware. Already watches benefit from increasingly advanced sensors, GPS, water and dust resistance and many more. Qualcomm, the largest mobile device chip manufacturer, launched a single chip model, W2100, dedicated to smartwats two years ago

There is a possibility that many manufacturers postpone launches of new devices to wait for a new Qualcomm processing solution or new software from Google to really bring extra functionality and better optimization of battery for increased autonomy

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