Huawei's Honor 10 flagship will be presented next month


Huawei has just unveiled its P20 smartphone range, but the Honor brand will not stay long. Apparently, the Honor 10 of the company's secondary device series will come very soon, with a presentation event already announced for May 15th. Despite the fact that the launch of a Honor device will not make waves such as the launch of a Huawei, those waiting for these devices could benefit, as this brand usually offers comparable performance to P-series devices at a significantly lower price

Both Honor 8 and Honor 9 were cheaper and without Leica cameras of the P9 and P10 models. The next month's event will take place in London, and the first teaser for Honor 10 suggests that we will deal with a "Full View" smartphone with a large screen and a camera that will make full use of the AI ​​features that I've seen Huawei Mate 10 Pro and P20 / P20 Pro in the past. Unfortunately, we do not have information about the phone's hardware configuration.

If Huawei is in line with the established tradition of previous years, we will have a smartphone equipped with its newest chipset, Kirin 970, equipped with a neural drive dedicated to A.I. Also, the P20 dual-camera system could also feature Honor 10, of course in a more modest form, with fewer shooting modes and no features developed alongside Leica. Over the past years, Honor flagships have borrowed the Huawei P sensors, but have not provided optical stabilization, so this year we can see a stabilization model and Honor, as the attraction of the new models is the 40 megapixels.

Surely we will find various details and we will receive spy photos with the device before May 15.

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