Hydrus VR, the first underwater camera to shoot 8K at 360 °

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Simple to watch with a VR for smartphone, or directly from the broswer, VR videos help us explore the most exotic locations

Enough for ordinary 2D movies, 4K resolution does not provide enough clarity in clips VR, which covers the entire field of view. Here comes the Hydrus VR, a camcorder capable of delivering underwater 360 ° shooting with incredible clarity. Created by a company called Marine Imaging Technologies, the device is designed for VR document capture

The Hydrus VR system includes 10 video cameras arranged to cover all possible viewing angles and is designed to operate up to a depth of 300

In addition to VR 8K resolution, Hydrus VR can also offer 3D stereoscopic shooting with a different 4K image for each eye

Essential for deep sea shooting, camcorder equipped with sensors Sony can operate with a minimum brightness of 0.004 Lux and a movie with ISO sensitivity 409.600

Equipped with batteries and enough storage for up to two hours of continuous shooting, Hydrus VR will be used to explore underwater caves and coral reefs.

If necessary, autonomy can be extended to over 8 hours with an optional underwater module. Hydrus VR automatically processes the clips provided by the 10 individual video cameras, overlapping approximately 60% of the original images to obtain a perfectly uniform, 360 ° visibility

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