HyperX to launch "gaming" microSD cards for mobile consoles and smartphones


The gaming market is probably the one that has the highest year-to-year growth, so we do not wonder to see all sorts of peripherals or lines of specific branding computers. It is curious, however, that SD cards from the "gaming" range have begun to appear, Kingston launching new microSD cards dedicated to portable gaming consoles and gamers smartphones under the brand HyperX

The first microSD-XC HyperX cards for gamers will hit the market sometime in 2018 and will be promoted as superior models to deliver optimal performance on Nintendo Switch or top Android smartphones. They will use the UHS-I standard, meaning they can be delivered up to 256 GB, with transfer rates of up to 80 MB / s for reading and writing, and 30 MB / s of constant speed. With 500 operations per second for writing and 1500 for reading (IOPS), these cards are not even the best on the market, but even the most lazy.

These performances provide A1 certifications, being recommended cards for application storage and running, and U3, which offers over 30MB / s write, but less than 60MB / s. Because it offers such high speeds, HyperX cards could also be used to shoot at 4K resolution

We still do not have a price for these cards and we do not know what capacity options will come, but there will surely be a 256GB model as it was presented at Computex. In fact, prices should not be higher than other similar cards, and HyperX branding is rather a marketing move through which these products can be presented alongside other gaming accessories in store offers .

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