IBM has developed a computer of the size of a grain of rice


Computers are getting smaller and smaller. Many companies have already marketed miniature computer concepts such as Raspberry Pi or Intel Compute Stick development boards, but IBM reduces the size even further. Although it does not yet have an official name, the American company boasts with its first computer "as much as a grain of rice" (or as a grain of salt, as it is in English)

The new computer presented at IBM Think 2018 measures only 1 x 1 mm (width, length) and has the power of a normal size processor since 1990, made from several hundreds of thousands of transistors. It is especially designed to be integrated into computers that keep track of goods shipments, can be monitored, communicated with other devices, and act on information using rudimentary artificial intelligence algorithms

In fact, the first way IBM has thought to use this miniature computer is to keep track of blockchain network databases to detect bombs, frauds, or compliance issues in transport. In the future, the company hopes to integrate this type of chips into other devices such as the "Internet of Things."

Currently, this is the first prototype of computers, "as much as rice grain," so we do not have a price or a launch date, but the production cost of only 10 cents suggests that no future financial effort will be needed to integrate into future products great for potential partners.

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