iBoot source code leak is no threat to current iPhones

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Only yesterday we reported on the leak of the iBoot source code. This is a kind of “BIOS for iOS”, which is necessary for the start of the operating system. While the leak was described by a researcher as “the greatest in history”, Apple sees this very differently and plays down the subject with clear words. According to Apple, there is no danger from the published source code.

Apple has leaked the authenticity of the The company confirmed iBoot source code just hours after it was released from GitHub and made an official statement to [CNET] about the current situation, in which Apple expressed its confidence and said that the The security of the products is independent of the secrecy of the source code, according to the California sub Take advantage of many levels of hardware and software protection for product safety and always encourage customers to rely on the latest software to ensure the highest level of security. Nevertheless, the source code should be very interesting, especially for researchers, as it gives an extensive insight into the interior of the bootloader.

Since the code is also from iOS 9 and is thus almost three years old, the risk for the public is minimized in addition, since only a few devices with the old software run. Based on the latest figures released by Apple, more than 65 percent of active devices already use iOS 11. iOS 10 is still running at around 28 percent. Only about 7 percent of active iOS devices in circulation use an earlier one version.

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