Iceland, the paradise of virtual coins' farms, is visited by thieves

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This time, it is the turn of ordinary thieves to make profit from virtual miners, robbing their expensive equipment in remote areas of Iceland, near the geothermal hotspots where the world's cheapest electricity is produced

Certainly, the quickest way to get rich from Bitcoin, or other cripto-coins, is to be a hacker, attacking large exchanges where the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars in virtual coins is kept. Another option for those trained in "traditional craft" is the theft of equipment used to generate virtual coins, hosted in large numbers in specially designed rooms

As a rule, companies specialized in generating virtual coins on an industrial scale strictly keep their locations where computers, and specialized mining devices often have cumulative values ​​of millions of dollars

Iceland, a country with difficult geographic and climatic conditions, but with access to cheap electricity, has become a favorite destination for companies and investors (especially China) interested in maximizing their profit and at the same time escaping the growing pressure exerted by local authorities. Inevitably, so much concentration of costly equipment has attracted thieves willing to use them directly, or by exploiting for personal purposes.

Part of what the Icelandic authorities have called the largest series of thefts in the history of the country, the break-up at one of the virtual coins' farms targeted about 600 computers used to generate crypt coins. However, the operation was not a complete success, with 11 of the perpetrators reaching the custody of the authorities. However, not all stolen equipment has been recovered, police officers recommending local electricity suppliers and internet access providers to report sudden increases in energy consumption, which could signal the commissioning of equipment elsewhere

With a population of only 340,000, it is unlikely that the launching of new "farms" for virtual coin mining will go unnoticed for a long time and the export of stolen equipment for marketing would be at least problematic given the isolation of this country island.

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