If a new world war is reached with nuclear weapons, this man could be guilty


How did Pakistan, a country not very technologically developed, have nuclear weapons? The same can be said about North Korea. The answer is: Abdul Qadeer Khan

Khan worked at the European Nuclear Power Plant, a Urenco project, a company that produces fuel for nuclear power plants. Abdul Qadeer Khan is a former metallurgist and physicist engineer who had no access to secrets at the time, but he somehow obtained essential information about the development of nuclear technology. Moreover, he also got a valuable list of European suppliers of materials needed in these programs.

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In 1974, Khan contacted the government in Pakistan and proposed to help build a nuclear weapon. Pakistan had just lost the 1971 war, which led to the emergence of Bangladesh. The physicist's proposal was accepted, and Islamabad began developing a nuclear weapon, using the information stolen by Khan. The first bomb was secretly tested by China for Pakistan in order to avoid an international investigation.

During that time, Khan set up companies in the Middle East and Asia, then sold secrets to Iran, China, Libya, and the North Korean communist regime. It seems the physicist has visited the totalitarian state 13 times, and Pakistan's Ghauri rocket was developed with Pyongyang

Abdul Qadeer Khan is known to be the largest proliferator of nuclear technology. It is believed that other states such as India or Israel have benefited from his information.

At the beginning of this century, the Americans provided evidence to the Pakistani government about Khan's actions. The physician acknowledged that he helped several countries develop nuclear programs and was placed under house arrest. In 2009, all allegations were withdrawn. The US would have wanted to arrest Khan, but it is protected by Pakistan, an important ally of the Americans.

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