If you're wondering what a 7 gigapixel photo looks like, the 24 Hour London photo project has the answer

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Nikon has launched an impressive photo project called "24 Hour London". This is done using a Nikon D850 camera, a high-performance lens and a robotic arm used to make Hollywood movies, resulting in more photos at a resolution of 7.1 gigapixels, one for every hour of the day. Each moment can be then explored on a computer directly in the browser, it can magnify the image to see details that would seem impossible.

The Nikon D850 camera captures 45 megapixel images and is used with the Nikkor AF 300mm f / 2.8 AF-S lens to capture even the smallest details, even if they are a long way away. Realizing a few hundreds or thousands of photos in Canary Wharf in London using the robotic arm that ensures that each image fits "pixel" to the previous one, Nikon has "glued" these small pieces into a single 155-degree impressive panorama .

Then the process was repeated 23 times, with a panorama being done for every hour of the day. You can then explore each building and each area to see how it changes according to the time of day.

This project is being developed by Nikon in partnership with Lenstore to demonstrate the capabilities of its camera lenses and lenses for them, the images being extremely detailed, both day and night. If you have a few free minutes, you can explore each corner of the panorama and you can probably see details that you would not even see if you were going to London

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