iMac Pro: Apple releases six short films on a special page

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The six films are from namh aften film studios, or filmmakers and filmmakers. Among others, the Erin Sarofsky, which was already involved in several Marvel films. What unites all the projects is the fact that in them the computing power of the iMac Pro is really exhausted. For example, the studio ManvsMachine creates in his short film a constantly moving city full of unique architecture.

In addition to the actual short films, Apple also shows a kind of making-of each project. These brief insights are even more exciting than the actual films. They provide an insight into the underlying ideas and how they were implemented technically. From hand-drawn sketches to motion capture and 360-degree shots, it’s all there. This trailer offers an impression of all short films :

Apple shows the films not only on the specially created special page, but also on its official Youtube channel. However, the videos on the website are supplemented with additional information and integrated nicely. A detour is worthwhile in any case.

The extensive Mac Life test for the iMac Pro can be found in the current issue of our magazine.

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