Image Wizard Google Lens is rolling out Google Photos on iOS

According to Google Google Lens, like Google Assistant, is an extension of Google Search. However, here one relies on the recognition and analysis of image material. This can be used to start various further actions, so that calls can be made or navigation to a found address can be initiated.

There are other examples as well. With Google Lens also photographed business cards can be recognized and automatically converted into a contact. On the other hand, if the software detects a book, reviews and further information can be displayed.

The recognition of certain sights has Google Lens on the box and can also show you various information about this. For example, if you are in a museum and have taken a picture, the software recognizes it and displays additional details. In addition, animals and plants are recognized, which you can also get descriptions.

To use Lens, you first need the “Google Photos” app. This should be installed at least in version 3.15. If you’re lucky, you’ll already be among the first users of the feature, as Google will release the feature to more and more users over the coming weeks.

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