In 2017, mobile internet consumption almost doubled in Romania for the second consecutive year


Last year, an internet user consumed more than 1.4 GB / month during 2017, almost double the previous year, while the number of mobile calls and the number of SMS messages decreased, according to ANCOM

Data processed by the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) for the end of 2017 shows that 38% of the total number of mobile Internet connections are 4G connections and 42% 3G connections, which means that 80% 3 million mobile internet connections are high-speed connections. Thus, the penetration rate per 100 inhabitants of the mobile Internet through 3G and 4G connections was 83%.

Most mobile internet connections (17.3 million - 85%) are used on the mobile phone, paying a subscription or a dedicated Internet option, these users consuming an average of 1.36 GB / month (+106) %). Users of modem / card / USB mobile internet consumed an average of 2.5 GB / month (+ 43%), but their number continues to decline to 1.9 million

Depending on the number of active mobile Internet connections at the end of the year, the market leader had a market share of 42%, the main competitor 23%, the next competitor 18%, the other suppliers 17%.

At the end of 2017 there were 22.4 million active mobile users (-2%), of which 12.1 million (+ 5%) were subscription-based users and 10.3 million (-9%) users on based on prepaid active cards. Depending on the number of active SIM cards at the end of 2017, the market leader had a 40% market share, the main competitor 30%, the next competitor 17%, the other suppliers 13%.

In total, in the year 2017, nearly 69 billion minutes were spoken on the mobile phone, down by 3% compared to 2016, and the number of SMSs was almost 16 billion (-14%). Thus, on average, in 2017 a user spoke monthly on the mobile phone for 4 hours and 14 minutes and sent 58 SMS messages

Traffic to other mobile networks continued to grow, reaching 33% of voice traffic and 27% of SMS traffic in 2017, while traffic in its network continued to decline, with a 58% share in voice traffic and 72% for SMS traffic

In the case of voice traffic, the market leader had a market share of 42% in 2017, the main competitor 27%, the third ranked 18%, and the other suppliers 13%.

Following Roaming Like At Home roaming since June 15, 2017, the use of roaming services has seen exponential growth in 2017. Call traffic tripled (from 0.5 billion minutes in 2016 to 1.5 billion in 2017), incoming calls increased by + 81% (up to 2 billion minutes), SMS traffic increased by +58 % and data traffic grew 6 times, reaching 5,811 TB in 2017.

"In Romania, users enjoy both advanced mobile access technologies, good coverage, and a competitive and low-priced market, which is reflected in the growing mobile internet consumption. On average, a mobile internet user consumed more than 1.4 GB / month during 2017, almost double the previous year. It is clearly the effect of increasing the use of 4G networks. I am also glad that Romanian users have benefited greatly from the entry into force of Roaming as Home in Europe, with voice and data roaming data registering spectacular growth. Internet traffic grew 6 times and roaming calls tripled, "said Sorin Grindeanu, ANCOM president,

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