In Biggest, Most Disgusting Slap In The Face To Americans, NBC’s Chuck Todd: Why Do Good People Support Trump? It’s Because People Have Been Trained From Childhood To Believe In Fairytales

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Lawrence David| You can tell the developing distress of the Deep State in light of the fact that their completely claimed advertising media resources have begun making garbled contentions.

NBC’s Chuck Todd went off the rails this past Sunday criticizing Trump supporters trying to persuade the decreasing number of those voters still against the president that they are the shrewd ones.

Todd, who has demonstrated himself to be minimal in excess of an assault hound prepared on preservationist targets, utilized a portion of the show he has, Meet the Press, to peruse chosen extracts from an almost year old letter to the proofreader to criticize Trump’s supporters.

The letter is introduced beneath with the bits Todd read on air featured in striking:


The topic of the decade is: Why do individuals bolster President Donald Trump?

We as a whole realize why racial oppressors do, that is self-evident. In any case, for what reason do great individuals bolster Trump? This is on the grounds that individuals have been prepared from adolescence to have confidence in fantasies.

From adolescence, they were recounted stories that were captivating however essentially false. This set their brains up to acknowledge things that make them feel better. Further down the road a few people develop, study certainties and circumstances and logical results, and start thinking all the more legitimately, regardless of whether the outcomes are bothersome.

So you have this populace that adores Trump since he makes them feel better. The more fantasies and lies he tells the better they feel. Trump is an ace liar who recognizes what makes individuals feel better and that is the thing that he goes with. Indeed, it would be pleasant if environmental change didn’t exist.

Show me an individual who puts stock in Noah’s ark and I will show you a Trump voter. There are various strong logical reasons the ark didn’t occur. A few people gain proficiency with this and some don’t, and the individuals who don’t will acknowledge Trump. Be that as it may, can the world get by on fantasies?

David Bowles


So we’re the ones who put stock in Fairy stories?

What do you call Democrats who accept their competitors can give them free social insurance? Free school? An ensured living pay to no end in return? All while finishing our utilization of non-renewable energy sources and reconstructing each working in America to be green?

We’re $23 Trillion under water with for all intents and purposes the entirety of that obligation being amassed since Demorat Lyndon Johnson previously began promising “free stuff” in return for votes in 1964.

Trump hasn’t guaranteed anything for nothing. Presently, that would be a fantasy. He guaranteed an arrival of American industry and with it, occupations. The CBO anticipated, best case scenario 2 million new openings could be made during the initial three years of his administration.

Rather, President Trump’s arrangements have prompted the production of 7 million employments. 7,000,000 individuals are back at work, genuine wages are ascending without precedent for two decades, and Schmuck Todd calls this a fantasy?

The fantasy, was Barack Hussein Obama disclosing to us those occupations were not returning. Would never return. As a matter of fact, that line of bologna was progressively much the same as a bad dream.

Tending to bad dreams that don’t exist, or needn’t be, consistently appear to be at the core of the Democrats’ political posing. It’s Chicken Little legislative issues even under the least favorable conditions.

Todd deliberately abstained from perusing the part about white supremecists that began the author’s harangue. Maybe in light of the fact that that predicted the essayist’s one-sided incline.

In any case, regardless of how hard they attempt to keep that ragged allegation alive, ever more prominent quantities of minorities are dismissing it as three surveys inside the previous two months demonstrate.

Following three years of endeavoring to characterize Donald Trump as a supremacist and a biased person, apparently Todd and his friends in the Marxist media have fizzled.

Record work crosswise over for all intents and purposes each minority statistic has consigned charges of bias against Trump… well, as a fantasy.

If this is a fairy tale, give us more of it.  Afterall, America was founded on a dream.

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