In this lab, Apple tests audio products such as the HomePod

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Yesterday, numerous publications published their reviews on the HomePod. Already in the last week some journalists were invited to the Apple headquarters and were allowed to take a look behind the scenes. Jim Loop’s Jim Dalrymple took this opportunity to give the public a glimpse into the audio lab where Apple extensively tested the sound quality of HomePod.

Apple has a long history of audio products, but at least with the iPod, the company has committed to do so, and has always attached great importance to good sound in speakers and speakers This is made clear by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop during a tour of Apple’s sacred halls. “Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide M Arketing, Phil Schiller, stated in the audio lab that it’s not just for the HomePod. In fact, the iPhone, iPad, Macs, AirPods, and the power of Siri are being thoroughly tested in the test facility.

Work on the HomePod began just six years ago with a very small team, according to Kate Bergeron, VP of Hardware Engineering. This should focus on sound quality, ensuring that the quality stays the same in any room. To achieve this, the HomePod was tested in different rooms. Initially, experiments were started in a reverberant room, one of the largest in the US, while speech recognition was studied in another room. According to Senior Director of Audio Design & Engineering, Gary Geaves, the development of the HomePod will have an impact on other previously unannounced products. Whether this means further variants of the HomePod is unknown at this time.

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