Indian characters crash macOS and iOS apps

Again and again, there are bugs that cause it That chat apps crash when they receive a specific character, this time it is a sign from the Indian language Teluga that causes problems on iOS and macOS Blog Mobile World crashes on iOS 11.2.5. devices. Later, Open Radar also discovered problems with macOS and watchOS, which also cause crashes when the exotic character is received.

However, Teluga is not that exotic. The language is spoken by more than 74 million people in South India. The bug ensures that the Springboard is supported in iOS when the message comes in. Trying to reopen the News app will crash again. This should also affect the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp but also applications for Gmail and Outlook for iOS, which are not used for chats but for emails. On the other hand, messengers like Skype and Telegram are obviously more robust - here the testers did not discover the phenomenon.

But how do you get out of the vicious circle "App crashes when opening"? Here the victim should easily come out again, if another message arrives without the "bad" sign. If in doubt, you should ask someone to send a message - but then also on the appropriate app. For emails, however, only helps to delete the message in question from the mailbox.

Apparently, Apple has already responded and fixed the issue in the beta versions of iOS 11.3. For the general public, however, this is still nothing - because iOS 11.3 is not yet released. When that will be the case and whether Apple does not release an interim update before, is not known.


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