Indian police arrest three men who blackmail women with false pornographic images


The two owners and an employee of a photo studio in India were detained by the police after they turned pictures of their clients into pornographic images, then blackmailed them, asking for money not to publish them on the internet

Police have opened an investigation after receiving several customer complaints, according to the BBC. In some cases where the victims did not pay, the pictures were published on social networks. "It's a nightmare that's going on! You would not have expected a wedding photographer, "one of the women said.

The company specializes in weddings and other family events. Law people have discovered 40,000 images of women on a hard drive in the studio. It is unclear how many of these have been modified to be used for illegal purposes

Demand for pornographic content is high in India as more and more people access the Internet for the first time, usually on a mobile device. The country ranks fourth in PornHub's top traffic sources, after the US, UK and Canada. Moreover, India is the fastest-growing smartphone market in the world.

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