Instagram could launch a 4K video section


Facebook is preparing to announce a new direction for the Instagram social network. The company has already sent an invitation to a press event in which it will present its new features, but details have already been made on the internet. It's about up to 60 minutes of video in a single clip, the company trying to offer an alternative to YouTube, already setting up partnerships with various content creators.

On June 20, Facebook may announce the new long-lasting clips from Instagram. They can be uploaded in 4K resolution, and their achievement will be encouraged to be in vertical orientation. Instagram will receive a new section dedicated to this type of content, which will retain the exact place where you stayed at the last view, in a manner similar to Netflix and YouTube, so you can proceed later.

Interestingly, however, Instagram will attempt to monetize the content for the first time by using commercials, displaying spots before or during playback to generate revenue for creators. Last but not least, content creators will be able to include external links in posts to send users to other sites or social accounts.

This new functionality may coincide with the news that Instagram has one billion active accounts. Even if it is not yet officially, at the last report, the network had 800 million users, and it took place in September. Given the increase of about 100 million every four months in recent years, this figure may well be even more than 1 billion

We will find out all the details next week when the San Francisco presentation will take place.

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