Instagram takes over the "download your information" feature on Facebook, providing an archive of everything you've done on Instagram

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Soon, Instagram users will be able to download a copy of the user account containing all the photos, videos uploaded so far, archived stories and comments, the full list of information that can be obtained for offline retention will be revealed by social network administrators.

The "download your information" feature is also present on the Facebook network in the Account Settings section of the user profile as early as 2010, but was initially limited to archiving essential information such as pictures and message collection, friends list, and conversations on chat, respectively posts made.

Currently, Facebook users can get a list of all the IP addresses they've ever entered from Facebook, old and new usernames, as well as any friendship requests received and received over time, made available for download, a single archive. It is possible that a similar collection of information is also attached to Instagram accounts, making them possible by simply confirming the password.

Unfortunately, the ability to obtain the entire history of the activities on Instagram with a simple download could be a vulnerability and a risk to users. In the most common example, the jealous husband / boy gets access to the loved person's Instagram account, discovering her best-kept secrets shortly, illustrated in chronological order with the pictures, the watched contacts, comments received and left on various occasions , exchanging messages with other users

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