Insurance case with Apple escalates after Hausbrand

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In autumn 2016, Cathy Finley e in iPhone 6 in a farmhouse to recharge. She then feeds the cattle. The farmhouse catches fire. Attempts to erase fail.

Family is too little $ 600,000

The Finleys, along with co-owners on their farm, have organized tours for school classes, among others. After the fire, they no longer offer them. They also refrain from delivering grocery deliveries to “subscribers” as a result. Instead, you reimburse the customer for the costs.

Instead, the family dedicates itself to building a new farmhouse on the site. She raises trenches, lines, etc. The Finleys receive $ 600,000 from the insurance. However, in August 2017, almost a year after the fire, the family suspects that the money could not be enough, and the loss of revenue and the costs of new construction are not covered by the insurance. You want another $ 600,000 from Apple. Since then, the family has been trying to come to a common denominator with Apple’s co-owner and insurance company. All communications are publicly documented on Google Drive.

Apple wants to investigate iPhone

The iPhone maker refuses to pay. The company itself wants to investigate the power supply and the affected iPhone. So far, however, they are located with an external forensic company. Apple has no access to it. The statement so far is that the phone or the power adapter “could have generated enough heat to ignite a chair they were lying on.”

The Finley family, however, is now too colorful. They escalate the dispute into the public eye. CBC reports the case and the family posted a petition on the change platform. The has now nearly 2,500 draftsman. In addition, the Finleys want to promote their case on social networks; There is no official statement by Apple about this case.

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