SanDisk is used to breaking records when it comes to memory cards, but this time Integral has been able to produce the first 512GB microSD card. This makes it the most spacious card on the market, leaving behind the SanDisk's 400GB model that held this title. Of course, the new card has some limitations, the large storage capacity being currently limited by lower transfer speeds.

The 512 GB Integral Card is designed to be aligned to the SDXC UHS-I U1 standard. This means that it has a minimum write speed of 10 MB / s and can reach up to 80 MB / s for reading. For this reason, it has received V10 certification, which recommends it to record videos in High Definition. Despite the fact that we are dealing with a very high capacity card, it seems like it is not useful for new cameras or smartphones that shoot in 4K

In comparison, the 400 GB SanDisk card achieves speeds of up to 100 MB / s per reading. Those who opt for such a card may probably use it best in ultra-portable tablets or laptops that want to play a video or audio library for storing documents and photos, but not for much more advanced things . Of course, we will have to wait for the official release to test the speeds of this card and to see if it is suitable for more demanding use scenarios, such as Nintendo's Nintendo Switch console

Given that the new 512 GB microSD Integral card is launched in February, we do not have much to expect. We still do not have price information, but certainly such a card will not be cheap

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