Intel confirms rumors that it will compete with NVIDIA and AMD, launching its own graphics accelerator line

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Rumors that Intel would work secretly to prepare their own dedicated video card offerings, powerful enough to run PC games at a comfortable level of performance, have been in circulation since 2010, but this is the first time Intel has confirmed it officially speculation, and even gives an approximate launch schedule.

So far, Intel has lost ground in the PC processor market after AMD demonstrated a surprising capacity to relaunch CPU offerings, gaining significant market share both in the enterprise segment and in ordinary consumers. Previously, Intel lost the race for the imposition as an important player of tablet and smartphone chipsets

Instead, the graphics accelerator market has been stagnating for at least two years, and it does not indicate that it will bring major innovations for another 1-2 years, leaving enough time for Intel to come up with a product offer. The technologies that Intel needs has been in the company's portfolio for some time, only needing to be translated into a functional product. For the purpose, Intel has already recruited a team of experienced specialists whose leader is none other than Raja Koduri, former head of the AMD Radeon Technology Group

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Unfortunately, there is little information available. We only know that future Intel graphics accelerators will have a completely new GPU architecture, primarily adapted for Compute GPU applications. It remains to be seen how competitive they will be in PC games, the purchase price being a sensitive topic for ordinary consumers </p>
Developed at least since 2017, when Raja Koduri joined Intel, the new Intel graphics accelerators would be officially unveiled in 2020. </p>
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