What seemed an impossible dream until recently, the launch of a range of Intel Core processors with AMD Radeon integrated graphics became official earlier this year. But the Core i7-8000G processor series may not have a sequel to AMD, industry sources reveal that Intel is developing its own solution for speeding up 3D gaming performance

The rumors came shortly after Raja Koduri, former head of the Radeon Technology Group, went to the Intel camp. With vast experience gained by developing several generations of AMD Radeon graphics accelerators, he would already supervise the creation of a series of Intel graphics chips, codenamed "Arctic Sound" and "Jupiter Sound."

According to Ashraf Eassa, a technology expert with industry links, the new Intel graphics accelerators are not integrated on the same silicon pill with the system processor. Instead, they would be produced separately using an optimized manufacturing process, the resulting chip being assisted with dedicated HBM2 memory and packed with the system processor into an Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) module, providing PCI speed communication -Express gen 3.0. On the outside, the finished product may not look very different from the Core i7-8000G processors, fitting in much thinner and lighter portables than traditional disks equipped with a discrete video card

Unfortunately, the information that has been circulated so far does not leave any other clues about the performances offered or the launch schedule.

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