Intel fault: AMD and ARM finally also concerned by the problem



                                                     Intel fault: AMD and ARM finally also concerned by the problem


Since yesterday, the computer world has been waiting impatiently for Intel's claims about a flaw that would affect most of its processors. Today the manufacturer is speaking and also involves other founders potentially concerned.

In a statement titled "Intel responds to the findings of research on safety" the founder has clarified the situation. He explains first of all that these flaws, which do exist, do not offer the possibility of corrupting, modifying or erasing data. Above all he claims that it is incorrect to say that only Intel and its products are targeted. According to him all vendors of processors and operating systems are concerned.

Therefore the manufacturer works in relation with all players in the technology industry, including AMD and ARM, to find a quick solution and constructive to the problem. Patches are already available for some operating systems, especially under Linux. Microsoft, Apple, Google and other publishers should react quickly.

Little visible impact on performance

The other point of concern about this flaw is precisely at the level of patches that will be proposed. The first reports made by the press reported that the correction of the problem would lead to a loss of performance on the machines concerned by up to 30%. According to Intel the impact on performance would depend primarily on the load to which the processor is subjected. For the average user it should not be significant.

Users should now refer to vendors and system editors for action. While waiting for the patches to be deployed, it is recommended to follow the usual recommendations for protection against malware and good security practices: be careful with attachments and executables, take care of software updates, including antivirus etc.



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