Intel Quits Removing Specter Exploits for PCs Equipped with Older Processors


In a surprise move, Intel specifies that remediation of Specter exploitation is more difficult than the more dangerous version of Meltdown, so much so that the company will give up completely to provide the necessary patches, leaving millions of devices equipped with Intel generation processors older people exposed to computer attacks

In total, seven Intel processor families will remain without the firmware updates needed to resolve Specter exploit. The reasons are multiple, starting with the difficulty of equipping equipment manufacturers to launch new firmware updates for out-of-process equipment even 10-11 years ago, to stability issues and performance degradation

According to Intel, Specter vulnerability is, however, quite difficult to exploit successfully, and vulnerable systems have little chance of receiving the necessary updates, even if they are available. Thus, the solution chosen is to ignore the problem, expecting vulnerable equipment to be finally disposed of or replaced by some of the more recent generation.

The list of processor families that will not receive microcode updates against the Specter exploit includes the Penryn (2007), Yorkfield (2007), Wolfdale (2007), Bloomfield (2008), Clarksfield (2009), Nehalem-Jasper Forest and Intel Atom "SoFIA" (2015).

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