Intel's high-end Core i9 processors are now available on laptops

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Intel has announced the availability of new Coffe Lake processors on mobile computers, providing them with a new superior performance threshold. Intel Core i9 processors, which debuted last year on desktops, are now on laptops, delivering much better performance than last year's i7 in all types of applications. This is due to both increased frequency and extra nuclei.

The new Core i9-8950HK is the first Intel processor for 6-core and 12-core laptops and the first to deliver a boost speed of up to 4.8 GHz. It has a 45W power consumption, half that of a normal desktop processor, and offers users overclocking capabilities. Most likely, it will be available exclusively in high-end gaming laptops with advanced cooling systems. Compared to the most powerful Core i7 from the Kaby Lake range, the new Core i9 Coffee Lake delivers a 29% increase with 41% improvement in gaming performance and 59% 4K video editing

Next to i9, Intel introduces new Core i5 and Core i7 processor models, which are based on the same 14nm ++ architecture that is part of the "H" high performance range. The computers equipped with these processors will be marked on the product box and on the case with new "badges", which will include the Core i9 +, Core i7 + and Core i5 + logos, the "+" symbol suggesting that laptops are equipped with SSD- or cache units in the Optane family

Computers that come without Optan will receive normal bits, which will be mentioned the processor model under which will be engraved "8th Gen", being the seventh major revision of Core i models

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