Investor Warren Buffett Reans Again at Apple


Actually, s I "Berkshire Hathaway" CEO Warren Buffett was always reluctant to invest in a technology company. At Apple, the 87-year-old major investor, however, makes an exception. According to him, Apple is more of a customer company that can generate more than twice the revenue of the second most profitable company in the US. Therefore, it is little wonder that Buffett has been increasing his stock levels over the last few years. In February 2017, he already held 133 million shares, which at that time represented an equivalent of about 17 billion US dollars. Now Berkshire Hathaway rebuilt and bought another 75 million shares, so that the company has about 240.3 million shares of Apple. These have a value of about 42.5 billion US dollars, which should continue to rise in the near future. According to a recent report, the purchase is intended both as an investment and at the same time reduce the cash assets of Berkshire Hathaway, without having to buy a whole company.

As part of the announcement of the Quarterly figures for the second fiscal quarter of 2018 announced that Apple namely a turnover of 61.1 billion US dollars, while the profit is around 13.8 billion US dollars. At the same time, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that they would like to start buying back shares. To this end, about 100 billion US dollars will be provided. To what extent this also concerns Berkshire Hathaway is currently unknown.

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