iOS 11.2.5 contains references to possible functions of the HomePod

For a long time, customers from English-speaking countries probably will not have to wait for the HomePod. The Siri loudspeaker is probably nearing publication. In iOS 11.2.5, a developer now wants to have discovered new evidence of practical features of the Siri speaker.About the HomePod is so far Apparently, however, iOS 11.2.5 now hints at a privacy feature of the Siri speaker Currently iOS 11.2.5 is still in the beta phase and has been in the seventh version since the end of last week At the same time, it is the Golden Master, which is probably the final version of the operating system, and as usual with beta versions, a variety of developers are tapping into the software for new features Journalist Filipe Espósito now seems to have found a set of icons that could reveal some features of the HomePod.

Siri mute and HomeKit scenes

One of the icons shows two of the Siri speaker with a red and crossed out Siri symbol. That the Hey Siri function, similar to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant mute or deafened, is not surprising. Unlike the competition, the HomePod Siri seems to be able to switch off automatically in certain situations. There are icons that suggest that the HomePod can be integrated into HomeKit scenarios. For example, at a party, the Hey Siri feature could be automatically disabled to prevent the smart home from being controlled by a third party. Espósito also claims to have found clues in the code that the HomePod can distinguish different voices and thus respond to user requests in a personalized way.

Late last week, the first larger batch of HomePod has already been shipped to Apple, so the Siri loudspeaker could soon be released. Only today it became known that the FCC has also given its approval and the sale is so legally nothing in the way.

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